Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC) in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Tool: Storage of Hazardous Substances

A code of practice aimed to help warehouse operators to safely store chemicals
It provides a good overview of rules for storage including assignment of storage classes for chemical substances, mixtures and auxiliaries including operating materials if these are being stored in packages.

SMC Category Hazard identification and risk assessment, Risk prevention and reduction, Emergency preparedness and Response
Subcategories Process safety assessment, Workplace safety assessment, Preparedness to Accidents and Emergencies, Response to accidents, Preventive measures, Protective measures
SME Activity Handling, Unloading and loading, Storage
Resource Type Downloadable document
Author German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the raw materials and chemical industry (BG RCI)
Company type Synthesis of substances, Formulation of chemicals, Industrial users of chemicals
Year 2013

How to use it


1) Chemical information according to:

  • TDG class (packing group dependent)
  • R-phase
  • H-statement

2) Facility information on storage and handling areas


1) Good practices in goods receipt, packaging, internal transport of units on pallets and traffic routes.
2) Good practices on operating instructions for hazardous substances
3) Assignment of storage class
4) Storage plan according of hazardous substances according to storage class
5) Guidance on containment facilities and product clean up
6) Emergency response organisation including fire suppression medium according to fire class
7) Inspection checklist criteria met

Learning time Short (<1h)
User expertise Basic (no scientific/engineering background required/no business management experience required)
User-friendliness Very user friendly
Advanced tool No
Languages English, German