Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC) in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Methodology: PRE-SME - Promoting Resource Efficiency in SMEs

The PRE-SME Toolkit is developed as an industrial training handbook aiming to provide SMEs in developing counries and economies in transition with practical and hands-on tools that will assis them to identify points of inefficiencies take the necessary action. Among others, the Toolkit provides SMEs with tools to undertake chemical efficiency assessment and identify potentials for improvement in their chemicals management programme including identification of hazardous substances, undertaking risk assessmentĀ  and considering options to reduce and control those risks.

SMC Category Hazard identification and risk assessment, Risk prevention and reduction
Subcategories Process safety assessment, Workplace safety assessment, Preventive measures, Protective measures
SME Activity Pollution control and disposal, Production, Storage
Resource Type Downloadable document, Downloadable programme
Author UNEP
Company type Synthesis of substances, Formulation of chemicals, Industrial users of chemicals
Year 2010

How to use it


1) Process and product data on: water, energy, materials and chemicals usage.
2) Process data on waste, wastewater, and air emissions.


1) Measurements of environmental performance regarding water, energy, materials, waste and chemicals
2) A step-by-step implementation plan for resource efficiency with ease by providing detailed procedures, forms and checklists.
3) Training plan for the employees to beĀ  environmentally responsible

Learning time High (>8h)
User expertise Intermediate (scientific/engineering degree required/business management experience required)
User-friendliness Easy to use
Advanced tool No
Languages English, Russian