Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC) in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Tool: ICCA Guidance on Chemical Risk Assessment

The document is part of a series of guidance documents to help ICCA member companies fulfill their commitment to perform risk assessment under GPS, define safe use conditions and if necessary, implement risk management measures so that safe use conditions are met. The GPS Risk Assessment is a  simple, step-by-step guidance document for chemicals risk assessment specifically targeting companies with limited experience in the field.

SMC Category Hazard identification and risk assessment
Subcategories Hazard identification and chemicals risk assessment, Workplace safety assessment
SME Activity Product development and process design, Input material selection
Resource Type Downloadable document
Author International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA)
Company type Synthesis of substances, Formulation of chemicals
Year 2011

How to use it


1) Standard Parameters: the same for all chemicals, regardless of hazard (e.g.  Physical-Chemical Properties, Aerobic biodegradability, Environmental Toxicology (Acute Toxicity (algea or fish or daphnia)), Mammalian Toxicology)
2) Hazard Information: intrinsic information for each substance based on pre-defined health and environment end points.
3) Exposure Information: unique to each application / use and each company. Based on exposure categories and dependent on use


1) GPS Safety Summaries from ICCA members, including the following data:

  • Chemical identity, Uses and Benefits, Physical/chemical properties
  • Health Effects, Environmental Effects, Exposure
  • Risk Management Recommendations
  • First‐aid measures, Fire‐fighting measures
  • Accidental release measures, Handling and storage,
  • Disposal consideration, State Agency Review
  • Classification and Labeling
Learning time High (>8h)
User expertise Advanced (advanced scientific/engineering degree required/business management experience required)
User-friendliness Very user friendly
Advanced tool Yes
Languages English, Korean, Thai, Japanese