Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC) in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Tool: Chemical Footprint Project (CFP) Assessment Tool

The CFP Assessment Tool is designed to be used by companies from any business sector to benchmark its chemicals management programme, understand its progress over time and its position relative to other companies.
The process helps companies in measuring progress toward the use of safer chemicals and away from chemicals of high concern to human health or the environment.
The CFP Assessment Tool includes 20 questions that evaluate overall corporate chemical management performance by considering four categories:
- Management Strategy,
- Chemical Inventory
- Footprint Measurement
- Public Disclosure and Verification.

SMC Category Hazard identification and risk assessment, Risk prevention and reduction, Emergency preparedness and Response
Subcategories Hazard identification and chemicals risk assessment, Workplace safety assessment, Preventive measures, Protective measures
SME Activity Product development and process design
Resource Type Online programme
Author Clean Production Action
Company type Synthesis of substances
Year 2015

How to use it


1) Organisation´s Management Strategy, e.g.: Company policy for avoiding CoCHs, using safer alternatives and enforcement mechanisms
2) Chemical Inventory, e.g.: Actions to develop a “beyond restricted substances list”
3) Footprint Measurement, e.g.: Setting goals for reducing CoHCs
4) Public Disclosure and Verification, e.g.: Public information disclosure, third party verification


1) A benchmark score in each the 4 elements for internal and external comparison
2) Identification of gaps in the company’s corporate chemicals management programme (policies & procedures) and guidance on how to improve (with aid of the guidance document)
3) Chemical Footprint as measured by total count or mass of CoHCs contained in the company´s products

Learning time Medium (~4h)
User expertise Basic (no scientific/engineering background required/no business management experience required)
User-friendliness Very user friendly
Advanced tool No
Languages English