Sound Management of Chemicals (SMC) in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Tool: CAMEO (Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations) software suite

CAMEO is a suite of software applications used to plan for and respond to chemical emergencies. Developed by EPA and the NOAA to assist front-line chemical emergency planners and responders, CAMEO can access, store, and evaluate information critical for developing emergency plans. These applications can be used together or separately, but when they are used together, the programs interact seamlessly and information can be linked easily between them. It consists of 4 tools: 
CAMEOfm - Database and Information Management Tool
CAMEO Chemicals - Chemical Response Data Sheets and Reactivity Prediction Tool
MARPLOT - Mapping Application for Response, Planning, and Local Operational Tasks
ALOHA - Areal Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres

SMC Category Hazard identification and risk assessment, Emergency preparedness and Response
Subcategories Hazard identification and chemicals risk assessment, Information and data assessing hazards and risks, Process safety assessment, Preparedness to Accidents and Emergencies, Response to accidents
SME Activity Handling, Input material selection, Production, Storage
Resource Type Downloadable programme
Author EPA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Company type Synthesis of substances, Formulation of chemicals, Industrial users of chemicals
Year 2015-2016

How to use it


1) Different inputs are required depending on the tool used and the data generated from one tool can be linked to the next.
2) The CAMEO Chemicals Tool requires only the name or CAS or UN/NA number as an input


1) The hazards and risks involved, a map for emergency planning (with optional inclusion of contaminated areas by potential or actual chemical release scenarios), allows determination of potential impacts of releases (risk assessment), estimation of the dispersion of the chemical release and the connected threat zones

Learning time Medium (~4h)
User expertise Intermediate (scientific/engineering degree required/business management experience required)
User-friendliness Easy to use
Advanced tool Yes
Languages English